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Archdiocese Abuse Prevention Training

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The Archdiocese of Santa Fe requires all clergy, employees and volunteers at all of its churches, parishes, and schools to attend an Abuse Awareness Training for Adults designed to protect all the children in the Archdiocese. We are thrilled to announce that this training is now available online, as well as in-person. There is no charge for this training. This training is required every five years. During the training, a background check will be conducted using People Facts. For questions, contact Annette at 831-8144. To take this course online, click on this link   and then scroll down to click on Promise to Protect Pledge To Heal, scroll down to LINKS then click on VIRTUS Online on left hand side. The online training will take approximately 1-2 hours and has a start and stop capability. At the end of the training, please print out the certificate, and bring it to the parish office. To take the course in person, the schedule of classes may be found on the Archdiocese website.