Anointing of The Sick

"When the Church cares for the sick, it serves Christ himself in the suffering members of his Mystical Body." (Sacred Congregation for Divine Worship) Following this belief, the Catholic Church professes and teaches that the anointing of the sick is one of the seven sacraments of the New Testament. It was instituted by Christ, intimated in Mark (Mk 6:13) and through James as he taught through divine inspiration: "Is there anyone sick among you? Let him send for the presbyters of the Church and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. The prayer of faith will save the sick person and the Lord will raise him up. If he has committed any sins, they will be forgiven him." (Jas 5:14-15)

Many of us recall this sacrament as the "Last Rites." The sick person waited until near death befroe calling the priest. Unfortunately, many died before a priest would be found. The Church has decreed that "the anointing of the sick is not a sacrament only for those who are close to death." So, as soon as anyone of the faithful finds themselves in danger of death, from sickness or old age, the fitting time for that person to receive this sacrament has clearly arrived." (Vatican Council II, Constitution on the Litrugy, art. 73:AAS 56 (1964) 118-119).

If you are planning surgery, suffering from chronic pain, or feel spiritually dry in your prayer life, please call the parish office to schedule anointing of the sick so you may share in this beautiful gift from our Loving God.

If you need to schedule an anointing for yourself or a loved one, call the parish office.