2021 Annual Catholic Appeal  Goal For Holy Ghost Parish $23, 500

Annual Catholic Appeal is a unified effort in which all parishioners are requested to provide a critical financial support to the Archdiocesan ministries. By contributing to Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA), you become a lifesaver to the Archdiocesan ministries and programs which will otherwise cease to be without your contribution. Equally, by meeting your parish goal, 100% of all contributions received over the goal are returned to the parish in the form of a rebate. The rebate may be used by the parish to fund local ministries or special projects. We have designated this year's rebate for the fencing of our rectory and parish office. With all this in mind, we are making a passionate appeal to all income-earners of our parishioners to support and donate generously to this noble and worthy program.   ~Rev. Hyginus C. Anuta