Holy Ghost Catholic Church
"TO BE HOLY AS WE ARE CALLED TO BE To know and serve God and His people with humility and love, therefore promoting unity within the parish and the broader community."

Statement from Fr. Hyginus

Dear beloved parishioners,

There is no doubt that we are facing hard times in the history of our nation and in the Church, especially with regard to COVID-19. Fear, anxiety, frustration and doubts are building up; however, we should not lose the sight of Who Christ Is and What He Is for us. As a matter of fact, where our reasoning stops, we then allow our faith to carry us. This is not the time for us to lose hope but rather to be inspired and cling to the Word of God. For the promises of God are "Yes" and "Amen" (2 Corinthians 1:20) Thus, the Lord God will fight for you; you need only to be still. (Ex. 14:14) To be still is to do the needful; trust in God, pray, meditate on the Holy Scripture, maintain personal hygiene as instructed by the CDC and the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. Bearing in mind, that social distancing does not mean isolation or disconnectedness; thus, be your brother's keepers by making use of technology to find how they are doing and how you can be of help. Be rest assured that the Lord will never leave us orphans (Jn. 14:18); and He will never forget us (Is. 49:16). 

As you are aware, all Masses, Religious Education Classes/Activities and our social gatherings are cancelled until further notice; we appeal to you, in the spirit of love and generosity to please continue to send your donations through the mail (Holy Ghost Church 833 Arizona St. SE, Albuquerque,NM 87108 OR you may use Eoffering https://members.myeoffering.com the link is also found below you may also use the mail slot on the parish office front door) to meet up with financial responsibilities and obligations. 

Our Parish Office will remain open Monday through Friday 8AM to 1PM, they will run business electronically ([email protected] and telephonically (505 265-5957). If you have questions, please email or call the parish staff as they will not be receiving guests at the office. 

Your safety and our safety is the main priority. Please, be assured that you are remembered in my private Masses and that you are in my thoughts. Thank you for your understanding and may God bless you and your loved ones.

With Prayerful Wishes,

Rev. Fr. Hyginus Chuks Anuta, Pastor


If you are a Senior Citizen or know of a Senior Citizen in need of groceries, you may call:



Senior Affairs in Albuquerque (505) 764-6400 (they are offering a pick up food service and are also receiving food donations)

If you have questions regarding which businesses in the City are opened or closed you may call 311.



Holy Triduum


These are the three Great Days in the Church’s Liturgical Calendar that begins with the Liturgy on the evening of Holy Thursday and reaches its climax on the Easter Vigil and ends with evening prayer on Easter.


Dear brothers and sisters,

     We are about to begin the most solemn period in the calendar of the Church year called the SACRED TRIDUUM. It is unfortunately fortunate that this year’s Liturgical Celebration will be celebrated without parishioners being physically present due to COVID-19. However, we are fortunate that our various priests, pastors and deacons will represent and offer Masses on our behalf. We are all encouraged to participate spiritually during this period for the safety of all. We understand how hard it is for you not to be physically present and not to receive many of the sacraments which we are accustomed and passionate about. We are all aware of the underlying fact about the Eucharist “the source and summit of the Christian life” CCC1324. However, God may be calling us to reflect and meditate on different ways in which He is with us. Hence he says” for where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am with them” Matt.18:20.

     Thus, when we pray in the silence of our homes, read scriptures, listen to magisterium, do corporal works mercy, we are truly in communion with God and He is really present with us at that moment. A case in point for our reflection is an encounter between Jesus and The Woman at the well “Believe me, woman” Jesus replied, “a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem” Jn 4:21. The pertinent question is, is this the time? I do not know. All I know is that God cannot be bound by boundaries, space and time. Moreover, St. Paul awakens us thus “Do you know that your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God, You are not your own…” Corinth 6:19-20. It all means that God lives in us; we carry him everywhere we go. We are the Church and not the” property of the Church”. The property of the Church exists for us; we do not exist for the property of the Church. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to sanctify our homes and make it a holy place as requested by the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. Less we forget, domestic Church begins at home hence parents and guardians please, take the lead.

     My dear people of God, life is larger than logic. Let us not play a holier than thou attitude during this period. Let us listen to relevant authorities. It is only those that are alive that can praise God. The dead cannot praise God. Hence the psalmist says, “The dead do not praise the

Lord, not all those go down into silence” Ps. 115:17, Is.38:18-20. Your safety and life is my priority. To that effect then, we urge all to take the precautionary measures serious while at the same time being charitable. We will overcome this difficult and challenging time. With all this in mind, our Easter Program reads:

(All Masses during this period will be celebrated by the Pastor, Fr. Hyginus C. Anuta without parishioners being physically present in the Church. However, parishioners are encouraged to unite in spirit during the Mass)

  1. HOLY THURSDAY, April 9th, 2020: Marks the institution of the Holy Eucharist, Priesthood and Call to Brotherly Love: Mass @ 4PM
  1. GOOD FRIDAY, April 10th, 2020: Entering into the mystery of the suffering and death of our savior: Veneration of The Cross at 3PM
  1. HOLY SATURDAY, April 11th, 2020: Keeping Vigil to recall in word and songs God’s saving Acts throughout human history and waits to celebrate with great joy the resurrection of Jesus from the dead: Mass @ 8:30PM

Please, join me spiritually during these periods as I celebrate the Holy Eucharist for you and the entire world. Visit our website at https://holyghost.weconnect.com/ and our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/holy.parish.71  for relevant information and how you may support us so that the work of God is not impeded.

Rev. Hyginus C. Anuta, Pastor

Mass Times


Saturday Vigil Mass:
4:00 pm English

First Saturday Mass 8am

Sunday Mass Schedule:
8:00 am English
9:30 am Spanish
11:00 am English
1:00 pm Spanish

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM or by Appointment

Weekday Mass Schedule:
Tuesday - Friday 8 am
(Friday with School during School Year)

Inclement Weather

Holy Ghost Parish Offices go along with APS on bad weather delays and closures. When snow and freezing are bad, please look to these resources for information: Online look at aps.edu or KOB.com or KOAT.com. When there is a delay, our offices will open at 10AM. When there is a closure, our offices will close for the day and daily Mass along with all scheduled meetings are cancelled. If you have questions, please contact the parish office at 265-5957.

Going On Vacation?


Are you planning to go on vacation? While you are away from your home parish, you no longer have to wonder where you will be attending Mass. Just click on this link  www.CatholicMassTime.org and you will be directed to the nearest Catholic Church wherever your destination may be.


Visit our Facebook Page for information from Fr. Hyginus during Mass closures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.     https://www.facebook.com/holy.parish.71


My Eoffering

Online Giving

Are you interested in myEoffering? 


Ready to visit myEoffering and make a donation? Click on the link below:



Are You A Registered Parishioner?

 We welcome you and your family to register as an active member of Holy Ghost Parish. To do this, you may come by the parish office during office hours and complete a registration form, you may pick up a registration form in the gathering space of the church or you may click on this link for a registration form.  Holy Ghost Parish Registration  Please print out the form, complete it and return it to the parish office. If you have any children over the age of 18 in your household, it is recommended that they register independently to begin their adult records. It's an unfortunate thing sometimes when people come into the office and we have no record of them being members of our parish. Sometimes, they have been attending Mass and think that alone would qualify as being registered. Sometimes, they are kind enough to put in occasional donations during Mass. Unfortunately, this alone does not register them in the parish. Only completion of the registration form gets you recorded as a member of Holy Ghost Parish. To maintain your membership on our parish roster, it is important to be "active" via your donation records and/or by your ministry service. 

       We welcome all practicing Catholics in our area to join our Holy Ghost family.    

If you have any questions, please call us at 505/265-5957. Thank you.




Saint Vincent de Paul

Our Saint Vincent de Paul Office is located at 929b Arizona SE. SVdP offers assistance with food. If you need a food assistance referral, call the SVdP Clearinghouse at 346-1500 ext. 4. All food will be distributed by first obtaining a referral through the Clearinghouse.


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                                                           Archbishop John C. Wester

Saint of The Day

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday is the most complex and profound of all religious observances, saving only the Easter Vigil. It celebrates both the institution by Christ himself of the Eucharist and of the institution of the sacerdotal priesthood (as distinct from the 'priesthood of all believers') for in this, His last supper with the disciples, a celebration of Passover, He is the self-offered Passover Victim, and every ordained priest to this day presents this same sacrifice, by Christ's authority and command, in exactly the same way. The Last Supper was also Christ's farewell to His assembled disciples, some of whom would betray, desert or deny Him before the sun rose again. The Holy Thursday liturgy, celebrated in the evening because Passover began at sundown, also shows both the worth God ascribes to the humility of service, and the need for cleansing with water (a symbol of baptism) in the Mandatum, or washing in Jesus' washing the feet of His disciples, and in the priest's stripping and washing of the altar. Cleansing, in fact, gave this day of Holy Week the name Maundy Thursday. The action of the Church on this night also witnesses to the Church's esteem for Christ's Body present in the consecrated Host in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, carried in solemn procession to the flower-bedecked Altar of Repose, where it will remain 'entombed' until the communion service on Good Friday. No Mass will be celebrated again in the Church until the Easter Vigil proclaims the Resurrection. And finally, there is the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament by the people during the night, just as the disciples stayed with the Lord during His agony on the Mount of Olives before the betrayal by Judas. There is such an abundance of symbolism in the solemn celebration of the events of Holy Thursday layer upon layer, in fact that we can no more than hint at it in these few words. For many centuries, the Last Supper of Our Lord has inspired great works of art and literature, such as the glorious stained glass window in Chartres cathedral, Leonardo's ever popular (and much imitated) Last Supper in the 16th century, and the reminiscence called Holy Thursday, by the French novelist,François Mauriac, written in the 1930s.  

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