Ministry Schedule

Thank you for your service to Our Lord and to your parish.  

Please check in at least 15 minutes prior to Mass time.
 If you find that you cannot serve, please use your minister contact list to line up a reliable substitute.   



MASS MINISTER SCHEDULE    September 3, 2022  -   September 25, 2022
Sat 4:00 PM, 9/3/22   Sat 4:00 PM, 9/10/22   Sat 4:00 PM, 9/17/22   Sat 4:00 PM, 9/24/22
Lector:   Lector:   Lector:   Lector:
Amanda Sanchez   Noreen Copeland   Greg Giron   Amanda Sanchez
EMHC:    EMHC:    EMHC:    EMHC: 
Audrey Klaurens   Audrey Klaurens   Emma Lueras   Audrey Klaurens
Sun 8:00 AM, 9/4/22   Sun 8:00 AM, 9/11/22   Sun 8:00 AM, 9/18/22   Sun 8:00 AM, 9/25/22
Lector:   Lector:   Lector:   Lector:
Matt Chavez   Bob Waters   Jeri Timlin   L-A Salas
Jami Schwalm   Lucy Salazar   George Palma   Jeri Timlin
Sun 11:00 AM, 9/4/22   Sun 11:00 AM, 9/11/22   Sun 11:00 AM, 9/18/22   Sun 11:00 AM, 9/25/22
Lector:   Lector:   Lector:   Lector:
Stephanie Porter   Rose Mary Gurule   Lawrence Chacon   Colette Bristol
EMHC:    EMHC:    EMHC:    EMHC: 
Lawrence Chacon   Colette Bristol   Joaquin Cornejo   Lourdes McKenna